5. Delivery, Aftercare & Support

Once completed, pictures have been reviewed and you’re satisfied with the results the armour is sent through the post. All deliveries of armour are sent via guaranteed, tracked and insured post, normally through the Post Office and Parcel Force; this will allow the parcels to be safely tracked and then signed for at the end of its journey.

Graham_3511_LC_0028 - CopyWhen armour arrives it will be lightly oiled with Swarfega Duck Oil; this can be left on or rubbed away easily enough with a metal polish. All leather work is finally oiled (after any staining or dying) with Saddle Soap to help protect and preserve the material (except helmet liners).

After cleaning away any residual oils I would whole heartedly recommend that you replace the oils with another such as a spray of Duck Oil, 3 in 1 or even olive oil. Personally, I would advise not using WD-40 as it was first designed as a rust removal or Water Dispersant spray, it contains little or no lubricant and will in fact attract moisture and rust as it is hygroscopic.

Cleaning the metal and reapplying a regular coat of oil will help prevent rust, finger prints and other marring damage to the surface of the armour. Additionally treating the leather parts with saddle soap or other leather products will prolong the life of your straps 2 or 3x longer than their none treated counterparts.

IMAG0785.jpgAll gloves integrated with the gauntlets will have their liners removed to help prevent rotting. In addition I would fully recommend a liberal shake of athlete’s foot powder or spray is applied after each weekend; as a great deal of the rot that occurs in the gloves is caused by bacteria and fungus that can be killed with this simple application. Again, when compared to untreated gloves, treated gloves can last 2 or 3x longer.

To keep armour at its best it requires considerable, constant upkeep. Poorly looked after armour can prove dangerous, not only to the wearer but to others around them – rust, dents and other day to day problems are unlikely to be dangerous. However dents deep enough to crease or fold, straps that are all but rotted through, damaged rivets and mauled edges can all potentially cause injuries.

IMAG0890The pictures to the left shows a much beloved bascinet a client sent in to have damage removed from the back that had been welded and re-welded over many years. The mauled section was removed and a new section put back in and dressed off. Aventail, leathers and wire are the customers own.

At Greenleaf we offer a discounted service for all armour we have built coming back in for seasonal upkeep, such as strap replacements, repolishing, painting, dent removal &c.  Additionally we regularly clean other armours not built by us, make minor modifications as requested and so forth.

Simply contact us for fuller details.