2. Measurements & Patterns

20140930_142054To ensure a proper fit for the armour we will need to take measurements. These can either be taken by yourself or we can take them together. Should you prefer to the measurements yourself, you will be sent documentation detailing all the required measurements, complete with descriptions and illustrations to make everything as simple as possible; taking your own measurements can seem a little daunting, however, with the instructions it is reasonably straight forward.

Preferably we will take your measurements. To facilitate this (in the UK) we can normally work out a time to meet somewhere convenient for you as we periodically travel up and down the country in the course of normal work. Additionally you are welcome to come to the workshop  in Fareham, Hants to be measured and lastly I am at the International Living History Fair twice a year regularly trading, conducting fittings and taking measurements – this is also a great opportunity to handle some past projects and inspect the quality of Workshop’s workmanship.

After accurate measurements have been taken we will create a set of patterns specifically for your work – every new order has a new set of patterns made explicitly for it. We never re-use old patterns for new work or consider a clients work in terms of small, medium or large based upon vague measurements.

Regardless of whether we do measurements together or you do them on your own we would offer the following advice.

  • 20140930_142404Have someone else take the measurements.
  • Take each measurement at least twice to be ensure accuracy.
  • All measurements should be finger tight.
  • Take all measurements wearing the equipment you plan to wear under the armour.
  • Inches or mm, try to avoid using both.