1. Research & Design

Working together we will get an appreciation of your specific requirements. Discussing what you would like to use the armour for, the desired period and status you would like to have built and other topics. This research is pivotal to the unique experience of having armour made specifically to meet your requirements.

GEDC1050 - CopyRather, than simply think in terms of ‘I would like to be a 15th century German’ or ‘have a 14th century hourglass gauntlet as an ornament’. We can work together through the research and create something far more specific and unique to you. Do not worry though if you are not familiar with this sort of research we will guide you through the process taking on as much of the work as required; over the years we have built an impressive library of references and research details that we can share and look through.

When appropriate we can visit specific pieces in museums or conduct a tour and with enough notice arrange handling sessions of the original pieces to ensure that you get specifically what you are after.

Once you are satisfied with the research you will then receive a series of sketches and drawings of the final piece (if required). These sketches will then include details such as the finish (bright, matt, mirrored, blackened, anodized, painted &c…) and the materials that will be used based upon the final use of the equipment (jousting, full contact fighting, reenactment, interpretation, LARPing &c…).

Naturally, if you are already satisfied with your own research we can get straight to the armour’s patterns, measurements and manufacture.

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