Blazewear X5 Heated Insoles review

img_5335editAn unusual review this time, the Blazewear X5 heated insoles. At the end of last year I discovered that I unfortunately have gout. Constantly working in a cold environment can be a major contributing factor to extremely painful gout flareups that can in turn mean the loss of working time as you are forced to rest, unable to stand on the foot for any length of time. Over time cold temperatures can cause poor blood circulation through the feet causing uric acid to crystallise and cause very painful symptoms.

Typically, during the winter, floor temperatures in the workshop will idle around -2 to +3 Celsius. Whilst this is no means Arctic by any imagination, throughout a working day it does leave the feet extremely cold. Before learning I had gout this was just one of those things that happens in a workshop environment. After find out about the gout I looked to see what I could do.

After trawling the internet for various solutions and trying thermal socks, two pairs of normal socks, woolen insoles &c,. I decided that I would take the plunge and buy some heated insoles. After a bit more investigation I got the feeling that the price of a ‘decent’ pair was about £80 – £100. I found Blazewear’s product normally retailing in this price bracket was on 50% off coupled with the simple key fob control I decided to give them a go.

The ordering process was straight forward and the goods arrived as advertised. After an initial charge I put the insoles in my boots. The insoles are a little stiffer than a sporter sports insole and a little thicker. However I have no intention to run a marathon in my work boots which are a little larger than I would normally wear so I could wear two pairs of socks if needed. Generally I walk two miles to and from work each day.

When I first tried the insoles it was in the middle of a UK cold snap with temperatures about -2 in the workshop. Throughout the day I had the insoles sat at their low setting and my feet didn’t feel cold once throughout the working day. I didn’t get a ‘hot water bottle, hot’ type of heat out of them, rather my feet were never cold and felt simply nice and warm on a day that they would have otherwise felt frozen solid.

The insoles are great and as advertised in  my circumstances. How they would cope with -7 or so I can’t say, but at the standard temperatures of an English winter they have been fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in similar work. Just be sure your boots are big enough.


As an aside, if you suffer with gout I’d recommend a visit here:

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