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Size isn’t everything …

Workshop space, for many, can be at a premium. For the hobbyist and the professional the hunt for workshop space can be a genuine problem of finding any and/or using it efficiently. Assuming that you have found the space you like

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Something a little different …

Recently I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Deeds of Arms on their 1805 cannon project. There is much more to come from the project, but phase 1 has been about researching, equipping and making a cannon and

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Online Research help

Research is pivotal to the modern armourer’s work. Without it, the often, subtle changes in shape, aesthetic and thought created in the original pieces are all too frequently missed. As soon as general decade long changes are negotiated, you start

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QEST – Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust

I am frequently asked about why I became an armourer, what support I received and how it all came together, I hope this helps and pushes the fine efforts of individuals and organisations that have and are helping me forwards with my

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Summer Shenanigans

It’s been a very event filled few months with trips out of the workshop to yet another fruitful International Living History Fair at Bruntingthorpe, a first time exhibit at Hatfield House during their internationally acclaimed crafts weekend for the Queen

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International Living HIstory Fair October 2013

I enjoyed a great time at the market this year meeting lots a new and old faces as well as taking on a good amount of new work. The new site was a little rough around the edges with some

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Website Updates

Today a lot of ‘hammer time’ has been lost to the website updates. I am learning that WordPress is our friend! The intended use of this blog is really to give occasional updates on the work being done in the

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