Experience Days

IMAG0085If you have ever fancied trying your hand at being a blacksmith or armourer then this may be the experience for you.

The experience days tend to be divided into two types, Blacksmithing or Armouring; the armouring experience tend to be longer project based sessions where as the Blacksmithing experiences tend to be a day long.


Generally aimed at the beginner and novice (other skill levels can be catered for with notice) the experience generally takes place throughout a single day. Projects can be agreed upon in advance but would typically revolve around one of the following, making a couple of knives, metal (copper and/or steel) roses or simpler arrowheads.

Much more advanced sessions can be arranged but would typically depend upon your existing skill levels and the duration of the experience. Anything can be discussed.


Typically the armouring sessions revolve around a specific project due to the length of time often required is longer than a single day. Simpler projects such as tassets and spaulders can normally be completed in a day. However more advanced pieces such as gauntlets and limbs would require a number of days (anything up to around  a week in some instances).

20140930_142054Generally speaking the projects are based around a pair of items to enable me to make one and for you to make the other.

For longer projects we can work out a time schedule based around your availability, allowing for example a 5 day project to be done in day long sessions throughout the year; instead of one 5 day session as it can often be difficult to arrange that amount of time from your work. I am available weekdays and weekends to try and help alleviate loosing time from frequently hard pressed annual leave and work a around your availability.

During either session all standard materials, tea, coffee, biscuits, fuel and tooling is supplied; should there be any specialist requirements such as high carbon steels, expensive non ferrous materials &c., we will discuss and agree on these before.

Should you be interested in coming along and working in the workshop and enjoying some time metal working please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do all I can to help.