Heat and Gladiators!

Not the best temperature to be firing up the forge to get things done, on this the hottest day of the year so far … but still, it’s fun!

Today has been a day set aside for a couple more website updates and the gladiatorial helmets I have been meaning to finish for a little while now, with plenty of water stops along the way in this heat. I don’t think that the Roman’s had future armourers in mind when they made the gladiatorial helmets now at the National museum in Naples. With every part of the face plates curved in every way possible, it’s been a little bit of an event to recreate the shapes in steel and after some trimming and shaping on Wednesday this week, with the addition of the central rib running up the front of the visor, secutor helmet one of three should be complete.

Tomorrow should bring a slightly cooler, 14th century gauntlet refurb … phew!



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