Product Review – Makita 9554NB Angle Grinder

downloadI used to buy cheap angle grinders from my local Wickes. These would generally only last about 9 months before they broke and had to be replaced – under the year long guarantee that came with them. Typically the lock nuts holding the disks would seize or fall to pieces, occasionally an engine would cease working. Additionally the grinders always felt very heavy and not particularly ergonomic.

Eventually I spent some reasonable money (you can expect to pick up a Makita Grinder from about £45+) and bought the Makita 9554NB grinder.

As I have quite small hands most power tools always feel as though I have borrowed one of my dad’s tools when I was about 11 years old. The Makita 9554NB however has a reasonable size on it and does not feel unwieldy, even in my small hands.

There is a reassuring quality to the feel and strength of the pieces that would usually come apart in the cheaper none branded equivalents. The guard can prove a little tight for some of the thicker abrasive disks that I use, but after a few moments the chaffing stops and the more sponge like satin polishing mops are the correct shape with no danger to myself or the tool.

The power cable is well armoured for standard workshop use and long enough to make its way around the workbench without too much difficulty.

I have used my grander in the worskhop for over three years without any technical or working difficulties, a very robust, well made grinder that I would recommend to anyone in similar work.

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