Product Review: Makita Metal Shears

The Makita Metal Shears get almost daily use in the workshop. For the most part against 14/16/18g Mild and Carbon steels;  have not tested them as far as the JS3200 specifications claim:

Makita part no. JS3200Makita JS3200 metal shears

Max cut in mild steel 3.2 mm
Max cut in stainless steel 2.5 mm
Max in aluminium 4.0 mm
Min Cutting Radius 50 mm
Input Wattage 710 w
No Load Speed 1,600 rpm
Vibration K factor 1.5 m/sec²
Vibration: Cutting Metal 17 m/sec²
Net weight 3.4 kg

However during their daily use they have never struggled with the materials. Only occasionally requiring a little extra assistance through the metals normally due to the tight bend I have been trying to cut.

They are frequently confused by visitors to the workshop as a nibbler. The JS3200 are shears and as such do not leave small half moon crescent wastage across the workshop bench and floor, but cannot make as tight circles as the nibble equivalents can.

The cutting edges of the JS3200 has four faces enabling you to change them through rotation rather than ordering seperate replacement parts.

If there is a downside to the product it would have to be its weight. Vibration and noise are next to minimal, but at 3.2kgs it can feel a little heavy in the hand after a while. However, in the past when I have used lighter power shears they have only lasted about a year before being worn out and needing major work or binning. I have owned my JS3200 for three years and even the weight is reassuring to their quality.

I would have no hesitation in recommending these to anyone.

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