Something a little different …

Recently I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Deeds of Arms on their 1805 cannon project. There is much more to come from the project, but phase 1 has been about researching, equipping and making a cannon and truck from the period to help tell the story of the HMS ‘Fighting’ Temeraire, 2nd rate ship with 98 guns.

10407164_10155639327605006_2906241933039540852_nIt’s been a great project, offering up unusual work from my stock and trade work of armouring – giving me the opportunity to revisit simple blacksmithing skills, something I haven’t done for a little while.

Making the different bar shot (solid bar, expanding bar and chain) raised a number of questions about the strengths of the materials involved and whether or not these would survive the forces involved as they were shot from the cannon.

Simpler shot such as the star shot, demonstrated just how dreadful it would have been aboard deck during an exchange with all the various shot whistling by with no more counter measures than the thickness of your hull.

Smaller parts of the truck’s metal work was made by myself, but in various ways from stock removal to actual forging techniques.

All in all tremendous fun so far as we look forward to more work over the coming months.


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