Website Updates

Today a lot of ‘hammer time’ has been lost to the website updates. I am learning that WordPress is our friend!

The intended use of this blog is really to give occasional updates on the work being done in the workshop for customers to see their work being made or see some of the processes that go into making armour in the workshop. When I come across a good idea, useful supplier or anything else that I think might be of use to people in general I will also look to drop them up here and Facebook.

Currently a lot of my time is being spent between expanding the workshop, changing the website and getting some time to make things. I’m fortunate enough at the moment to be doubling the size of the workshop into next door, the wall has been knocked down, but movement across the threshold is slow as work seems to always get in the way, but the process is great none the less! (I should also mention my land lord John, who has been a diamond in letting this happen!).

Happy hammering!


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